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Employer Registration

On this page, we guide employers in formally registering their company with us. We have included not just the step-by-step procedures, but the documentary requirements, as well, to ensure that they have the needed documents on hand before proceeding to any of our Branch or Service Offices to register.

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Payment and Reporting

It is the obligation of employers to remit the premium contributions of their employees, including their counterpart shares correctly, on time, and accurately, as well as to report these remittances immediately so that the appropriate posting of contributions can readily be undertaken.

List Of Non-Remitting and/or Non-Reporting Employers

As of February 2022
As of June 2019
As of June 2018
As of December 2017
As of December 2016
As of February 2016
As of October 2015

Facilitating Benefit Availment

Employers must help make benefits availment of their employees a breeze. By providing the right support documents ahead of time, they give their employees peace of mind, knowing that the documentary requirements are in place.

Premium Contribution Table