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Members in the Formal Economy

This member category includes those with formal contracts and fixed terms of employment including workers in the government and private sector, whose premium contribution payments are equally shared by the employee and the employer.

Members in the Informal Economy

This member category includes a wide range of individuals and sectors ranging from the self-earning to migrant workers.

Overseas Filipinos

All Overseas Filipinos, documented or undocumented like seafarers on board international vessels, sea-based workers like rig workers, fishermen and land-based migrant workers are covered under the National Health Insurance Program. Likewise, Filipinos with dual citizenship, priests and nuns under religious missions, students with valid student visas, and other Filipinos living abroad are also covered.

Lifetime Members

This category is for members who have reached the age of retirement under the law and have paid at least 120 monthly premium contributions.

Senior Citizens

This category is for those who are 60 years old and above and are not currently covered by any of the existing membership categories of PhilHealth.

Sponsored Members

This category includes members whose contributions are being paid for by another individual, government agencies, or private entities.

Indigent Members

To this category belong persons who have no visible means of income, or whose income is insufficient for family subsistence, as identified by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), based on specific criteria.