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Confinements Due to Diarrhea Are Compensable- - - PhilHealth May 14, 2012

In light of the recent diarrhea outbreak in San Fernando , Romblon where at least 112 cases were recorded, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) emphasized that confinements due to diarrhea are compensable.

Diarrhea, which is one of the top causes of confinement among PhilHealth members in 2011, can affect anyone especially young children and the elderly. It can quickly deplete the body's supply of water and electrolytes which can lead to dehydration and kidney malfunction, coma and even death. Parasites, bacteria and viruses can cause diarrhea.

According to PhilHealth President and CEO Dr. Eduardo P. Banzon, “in 2011, PhilHealth paid more than one million pesos for 246,999 claims due to diarrhea and gastroenteritis,” adding that “members and their qualified dependents may avail themselves of P6,000.00 when confined in any PhilHealth accredited hospital.”

With news about flooding in different parts of the country, Banzon reminded PhilHealth members that the situation may increase the incidence of diarrhea since water sources may be contaminated. “Prevention and control of diarrhea goes back to the basics: ensure that water is potable or if unsure, boil it for three minutes, eat food that are properly prepared and cooked, and the dining environment should be clean. Proper and frequent washing of hands is also necessary”, he said.

To avail themselves of the PhiHealth benefit for confinements due to diarrhea, employed members and individual payors must ensure that they have paid at least three monthly contributions within the immediate six-month period. Sponsored and Overseas Workers Program members must ensure that confinements are within the validity period stated in their ID cards and Member Data Records, respectively.

To date, there are 1,627 PhilHealth-accredited hospitals and 22,182 professionals nationwide to attend to members. (END)(by Pinky G. Aragones)

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