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Food Poisoning is CompensableJune 8, 2011

In light of the recent fishkill in the waters off Batangas and Pangasinan, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) today assured its members that food poisoning brought about by possible ingestion of spoiled fish and fish products is compensable.

"While we do not wish our members to experience food poisoning, we want to assure them that in case hospitalization is required, they can bank on their PhilHealth coverage for financial protection," said PhilHealth President and CEO Dr. Rey B. Aquino.

Food poisoning is classified as Case Type A, for which PhilHealth provides subsidies for hospital room and board fees ranging from P300.00 per day in Level 1 hospitals to as much as P500.00 per day in Level 3 hospitals. Also included in the benefit package are allowances for x-ray and other laboratory exams such as fecalysis and complete blood count. Allowances for drugs and medicines also range from P2,700.00 in Level 1 hospitals to P4,200.00 in Level 3 hospitals for a single period of confinement. "We also provide allowances for the professional fees of the attending physicians," Aquino said.

These benefits are available at any of the 1,568 PhilHealth-accredited hospitals all over the country. "A member just has to make sure that his premium contributions and his member data record are updated," Aquino added. (END)

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