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Confinements for Dengue are CompensableAugust 5, 2011

AS the Department of Health (DOH) intensifies its anti-dengue campaign, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) assures the public that hospital confinement due to dengue hemorrhagic fever is compensable.

"If a patient is experiencing continuous fever for more than two weeks, with temperature reaching 40 degrees centigrade, skin rashes, nose bleeding, poor appetite, nausea and vomiting, immediately consult a physician," said PhilHealth President and CEO Dr. Rey B. Aquino.

Aquino said that PhilHealth's basic benefit schedule for Stage I dengue in a Level 3 hospital includes allowances for room and board fees of up to P500.00 per day; and up to P4,200.00 for drugs and medicines for the entire period of confinement, provided such medicines are listed in the Philippine National Drug Formulary. "Allowances for x-ray and other laboratory tests that may be conducted on the patient during confinement is up to P3,200.00 while allowances for professional fees of attending accredited physician is up to P1,200.00," the PhilHealth chief said. For a three-day confinement, the member has a maximum benefit of about P10,100.00.

On the other hand, confinements for case type B dengue in a similar Level 3 hospital can entitle members to PhilHealth benefits of as much as P31,300.00, inclusive of maximum allowable amounts for room and board fees, drugs and medicines, x-ray and other laboratory tests, as well as professional fees of attending physicians.

These benefits can be availed of at any of the 1,568 PhilHealth-accredited hospitals nationwide. "Time and again we have reminded our members to make sure that their member data records (MDRs) are updated to help ensure hassle-free availment," Aquino emphasized. Members should also have updated premium contributions, meaning, "they should have at least three monthly contributions within a six-month period immediately before the month of availment to be able to maximize their benefits."(END)

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