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Health Care Providers

Accreditation Process

What is Accreditation?

It is a process whereby the qualifications and capabilities of health care providers are verified in accordance with the guidelines, standards and procedures set by the Corporation.

Why the need for accreditation?

To participate in the National Health Insurance Program.
To assure that health care services rendered by them are of the desired and expected quality.

Who may apply?
  • Hospitals
  • Ambulatory Surgical Clinics (ASCs)
  • Free Standing Dialysis Clinics (FSDCs)
  • Rural Health Units/Health Centers (RHUs/HCs) as providers of the Out Patient Benefit Package for sponsored members of PHIC
  • Maternity Care Clinics - for low risk, normal spontaneous deliveries
  • Anti-TB/DOTS Clinics
When to apply?
  • Initial or Re-accreditation - ANYTIME
  • Renewal
    • Hospitals, ASCs and FSDCs:
      January 1 to 31 of the succeeding year
    • OPB, Maternity Care and Anti-TB/DOTS Package Providers:
      September 1 - 30 of the current year.