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amending employer data

Submit Employer Data Amendment Form or ER3 and the following applicable documents:

For correction/change of business name/legal personality

Certificate of filing of business name with DTI or Articles of Partnership or Incorporation

For temporary suspension of operation

If due to bankruptcy:
  • Financial Statement or Income Tax Return or Board Resolution
Separation of employees:
  • Latest submitted prescribed PhilHealth form; and
  • Separation paper of last employee
If due to fire or demolition:
  • Certification from the City/ Municipal Fire Department; and
  • Certification from the concerned city or municipality
For termination/dissolution*

For single proprietorships:
  • Approved application for business retirement by the City or Municipal Treasurer's Office; and
  • Death Certificate in case of death of owner
For partnerships or corporations:
  • Deed of Dissolution approved by SEC or Minutes of Meeting certified by the corporate secretary
For Cooperatives:
  • Certificate/Order of Dissolution/Cancellation issued by the CDA
For Mergers

Deed of Merger/Merger Agreement duly certified by SEC or
Memorandum of Agreement filed with SEC

For change of ownership

Deed of Sale/Transfer/Assignment

For resumption of operation

Prescribed PhilHealth form reporting newly hired or re-hired employees

For closure due to fortuitous events

Submit applicable documents as determined by PhilHealth

* Under fortuitous events as defined by law - to submit applicable documents as determined by PhilHealth