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Provider Groups Concern on Universal Health Care Bill February 11, 2019

In relation to concerns from provider groups related to provisions in the Universal Health Care ratified bill on payments to health workers, below is the official statement of PhilHealth:

"Section 21 of the UHC bill states that 'All income derived from PhilHealth payments shall accrue to the Special Health Fund used exclusively for the improvement of the LGU health system.'

But the previous section, Section 20, mentions that '.Health systems shall pool and manage thru a Special health fund all resources... to finance population based and individual based health services, health system operation costs,... remuneration of additional health workers and INCENTIVES FOR ALL HEALTH WORKERS.'

When the bill is signed into law we are given 180 days to come out with implementing rules and regulations (IRR), where specific clarifications and guidelines shall be discussed, addressed and finalized. This will be done only after a series of consultations with all concerned stakeholders so as to consider the interests of all.

Now ongoing are gathering of experiences and discussions with experts in preparation for UHC. UHC is a landmark bill that introduces major reforms especially in the area of healthcare financing, making sure that all Filipinos, no matter the financial capability, has access to much needed health services and life saving medicines.

I encourage the cooperation of all our partners, so that our ongoing dialogue shall only spread messages that will clarify and not confuse, and fully support our needed health care reforms. Let us actively involve ourselves in the discussions that will follow as soon as the bill will be signed into law this month."

(Sgd.) ROY B. FERRER, M.D., MSc
Acting President and Chief Executive Officer

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