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PhilHealth reminds public facilities to register Point of Service patients promptly May 8, 2019

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) reminds all concerned health care institutions (HCIs) to register their patients assessed as financially incapable (FI) under the Point of Service (POS) program within 72 hours from assessment so that their claims will not be denied.

The reminder was issued in the light of observations and reports that there are HCIs registering their patients assessed as FI thru the POS beyond the 72 hour requirement or sometimes even a month after discharge.

The POS is a program provided in the Government Appropriations Act (GAA) for the current year, to cover all Filipinos under the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP), including the unregistered and inactive registered members especially those who are financially incapable.

Filipino citizens who will be covered under the POS Program, must be admitted in a ward type of accommodation and classified as financially incapable to pay his/her PhilHealth contribution according to the DOH classification on indigents. Members availing of this program shall be included in the PhilHealth membership database for possible inclusion in the list of indigent beneficiaries whose premiums are to be shouldered by the National Government.

PhilHealth offices nationwide are ready to process the PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN) of patients enrolled as POS-FI immediately upon receipt of requests from public HCIs. Hence, HCIs are therefore encouraged to promptly register their FI patients to avoid denial of claims due to delayed issuance of PIN.

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PhilHealth reminds public facilities to register Point of Service patients promptly