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Civil Service Commission confirms reassignment of PhilHealth officers July 9, 2019

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) recently released its decision upholding its earlier ruling on the motion for reconsideration of three regional vice presidents of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth).

In three separate resolutions numbered 1900679, 1900681 and 1900491 dated June 18, 2019 (for the first two) and May 6, 2019, respectively, the CSC Commission En Banc denied the motion for reconsideration of Dennis B. Adre, Orlando D. Iñigo, Jr., and Arsenia B. Torresfor lack of merit.

Adre, Iñigo and Torres were among the senior officers directed by former PhilHealth chiefs Dr. Roy B. Ferrer and Dr. Celestina Ma. Jude P. dela Serna to transfer assignments through Corporate Personnel Order (CPO) Nos. 2018-1278 dated July 4, 2018 and 2018-0763 dated April 23, 2018.

Their earlier appeal was first denied by the CSC in 2018, affirming that the CPOs issued by the agency are in order, with one decision clearly indicating that the Order "was issued not in contravention of the applicable rules on reassignment".

The Commission's recent decisions affirms that the reassignments are above board and recognizes the authority of its Board of Directors as delegated to the head of agencyto rotate and reassign officers. The state health insurer believes that reassignments and rotations are management tools to further sharpen theleadership and managerial competence of its officers and employees, maximize expertise of its leadership bench, as well as to avoid familiarity with stakeholders in the area that could lead to corruption. It also maintains that reassignments are part and parcel of good governance especially that the entire organization is preparing for the full implementation of the Universal Health Care Law.

PhilHealth is still awaiting CSC's favorable decision on at least four more appeals lodged by other regional officers, many of who have been in their posts in the last 20 years. END

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Civil Service Commission confirms reassignment of PhilHealth officers