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PhilHealth Z Benefit for Mobility Impairment: When Caring Stands Tall February 20, 2018

THERE is no love comparable to that of parents’ for their child. There is no greater joy for parents than to cradle their little cherub in their loving bosoms. Parents commit themselves to raising a healthy, active, and productive child. Pride and admiration fill their hearts as they see their young grow and progress. Above all, parents overcome difficulties barring the path between their child and a bright future, including congenital and acquired medical conditions.

In the Philippines, musculoskeletal and neuromuscular disorders are among the most common impairments during childhood, damaging a child’s mobility at various lengths. These conditions affect a child’s ability to walk, move around, and maintain body positions.

Mobility impairment can be addressed through rehabilitation and by provision of appropriate mobility devices such as prosthesis, orthosis, and wheelchairs, among others. But these necessitate resources to obtain.

It is in these situations that the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) proves, once again, its devotion to Universal Health Care (UHC) by introducing the Z Benefit for mobility impairment. It provides comprehensive social health insurance coverage during assessment, provision of appropriate devices, and rehabilitation towards safe and functional mobility. It is allotted to minors below 18 years old and will be available at health care institutions that PhilHealth will contract with to provide the services for the said benefits.

Coverage for mobility impairment which requires assistive devices ranges from P12,730.00 to P163,540.00. The devices range from upper and lower extremity prosthesis, lower extremity orthosis, and spinal bracing.

The amount of coverage for mobility injuries requiring seating devices, basic, or intermediate wheelchair can be as high as P29,450.00; while yearly services and the replacement of the devices will support the patient at P13, 690.00 at the maximum.

These grants are just some of the benefits comprising the wide-ranging Z Benefit aimed at helping children ward off the imperfect effects of mobility impairment.

The eligibility of a patient is determined through a pre-authorization checklist which remains a mandatory requirement before the Z Benefit is dispensed. In addition, PhilHealth requires the member or the dependent to have at least one (1) day remaining in their annual 45-day confinement allowance prior to the submission of the pre-authorization checklist.

In a nation constantly challenged by diverse aspects of life, society, and equality, PhilHealth remains a driving force that ushers in a present enjoyed by proud citizens living a healthy, unburdened life, and a future filled with promise, hope, and love.

The journey to UHC may be challenging but PhilHealth never tires of innovating programs to hasten the attainment of UHC. Standing tall, it will succeed. (END) (By Jan Joseph C. Rico)

(Reference: Dr. Israel Francis A. Pargas, Head Executive Assistant and Concurrent OIC-Vice President for Corporate Affairs Group, Cel No. 0917-8089399)

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PhilHealth Z Benefit for Mobility Impairment: When Caring Stands Tall