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PhilHealth conducts SHInES for its media partners October 4, 2018

The former PhilHealth Spokesperson also reiterated the safeguards to PhilHealth benefit grants such as qualifying contributions and, starting October 1, 2018, the requirement of sufficient regularity of payment (SRP). The SRP rule shall necessitate availing patients to have additional 6 months contribution preceding the 3-month qualifying contributions for the past 6 months prior to the first day of confinement or availing benefits.

Third to take the stage was Renato L. Limsiaco Jr., Acting Senior Vice President for the Fund Management Sector. He assured every one present that the NHIP fund was stronger than ever and even posted record income in the first half of the year. Limsiaco was able to portray a flawless depiction of PhilHealth’s robust financial standing and the factors that contributed to such fiscal gains.

Lastly, updates on the pending Universal Health Care (UHC) bill were offered by Cir Rodney Cacatian, Planning Officer III of the Corporate Planning Department. He gave the participants a first-hand glimpse of future PhilHealth undertakings and structure reforms once the bill was cast in stone.

The SHInES for Media was a definitive success in PhilHealth’s thrust to educate Filipinos on their roles and responsibilities as catalysts of the NHIP. It has also done its purpose of empowering the participants to actively seek out proper treatment for what ails them. END (JJ Rico)

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PhilHealth conducts SHInES for its media partners