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Professionalism at its Best March 12, 2018

Not knowing whom to address his feedback, Dr. Raymond U. Oribio posted on his Facebook account on August 30, 2017the efficient and professional service he and his colleague, Dr. Viviane Untalan were accordedto by the Baguio Local Health Insurance Office (LHIO). He narrated in his post that the guard-on-duty was very courteous, and escorted them to the appropriate person to facilitate their transaction. As they approached the desk, Dr.Oribio described the lady personnel to have welcomed them with a big smile and warm greetings. “The whole time, she was very professional yet she did this with so much warmth that it felt like we were talking to and laughing with an old friend,” Dr.Oribio recounted. He proceeded to laud the “clean, orderly and quiet office premises” saying that the experience they had during their visit was indeed “amazing, to say the least.”

Angeline K. Facullo, the lady personnel of Baguio LHIO Dr.Oribio was referring to in his Facebook post, is a Social Insurance Officer I, assigned as Claims Adjudicator and Accreditation Officer – designate for the LHIO. Facullo describes her daily tasks as humongous, basing it on the fact that they receive tons of claim documents from various health care providers within Baguio City, andfrom adjacent provinces. Despite such responsibilities, she maintains her admirable professionalism saying that there is no room for rudeness and impatience in serving clients since being a government employee entails consistent compassion, commitment, and integrity.

This “consistency of the quality of service,” according to Dr.Oribio’s post, afforded by public servants is what makes client experiences “wonderful and memorable” indicating that “government service has come (a) long, long way in providing excellent service in the shortest possible time.” Interestingly, two other doctors from different regions have experienced the same praiseworthy service from other PhilHealth Offices.

Despite the negative image spelled out by clients in their transactions with other government offices and the repugnance expressed by some against government employees, affirmative feedback consequential of the candid and sincere service from contemporary champions such as Facullo, puts forward PRO-CAR’s conformity to the principle of public accountability, demonstrating sympathy and care in the name of a courteous, honest, efficient, facilitative and prompt delivery of service due to all our members and stakeholders. (END) (Lala Manzano, PRO-CAR)

(Reference: Dr. Israel Francis A. Pargas, Head Executive Assistant and Concurrent OIC-Vice President for Corporate Affairs Group, Cel No. 0917-8089399)

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Professionalism at its Best