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PhilHealth Extends Accreditation to HIV Treatment Hubs July 11, 2018

Further, it should be able to provide services for PLHIV such as laboratory services, adherence and psychosocial counseling, management of PLHIV based on current treatment guidelines, prophylaxis medication, and referral mechanism to other services.

The PhilHealth benefit package for HIV/AIDS is at P30,000 and can be availed of at any accredited HIV treatment facility by an active member and/or a qualified dependent.

Fernandez added that “PhilHealth strongly works hand in hand with partner agencies to reduce the transmission of HIV among the most at-risk population. Apart from expanding our policies, the Corporation is also in full support of the DOH’s prevention and health education campaign to battle HIV/AIDS transmission”.

The DOH has implemented the ‘ABCDE’ of HIV prevention to make the community aware of the simple ways to avoid transmission of the virus. The ‘ABCDE’ stands for Abstinence; Be Mutually Faithful; Correct and Consistent Use of Condoms; Do Use Clean Needles All the Time; and Education and Right Information. (END) (Klarissa N. Alkonga)

Sources: Department of Health HIV/AIDS Registry of the Philippines (HARP), January 2018 PhilHealth Dashboard

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PhilHealth Extends Accreditation to HIV Treatment Hubs