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Itís Peritoneal Dialysis First----PhilHealth May 11, 2017

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) today reminded its accredited health care providers to recommend Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) as the initial line of treatment, particularly to patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Stage 5.

Through Advisory 2017-0010, PhilHealth strongly encouraged its accredited doctors to recommend PD and reminded them that PD treatment should objectively be included in all the options for renal replacement therapy.

The PD First Policy is reiterated in line with reforms being instituted in the implementation of the benefit packages for dialysis and to strengthen informed decision of patients with CKD stage 5.

With this development, the state-run health insurer notified that starting June 1, 2017, it will no longer accept claims application for PD under case rates submitted by health care institutions nor filed directly by patients except for PD sessions done for acute kidney injury such as leptospirosis.

During this transition period, all accredited health care institutions performing PD are enjoined to apply for pre-authorization for all their patients diagnosed with CKD 5 and who shall be initiated for PD under the PD First Z Benefit Package.

PhilHealth introduced the Peritoneal Dialysis First Z Benefit package in 2014 to provide financial risk protection and quality care to patients with CKD who passed the selections criteria set by the Corporation. The package is worth P270,000 per year and includes PD solutions, accessories and professional fees.

According to the NKTI website, peritoneal dialysis is another form of dialysis where the patientís own peritoneal membrane (or lining of the abdominal organs and body surfaces within the abdominal cavity) acts as the artificial kidney. There is no blood removed or returned to the patient. Dialysis using the peritoneal membrane is also a means to remove toxins, poisons and excess fluid that accumulates in the body when patientsí kidneys are no longer able to function adequately. (Pinky G. Aragones)

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