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Numbers Speak February 23, 2015

As we celebrate 20 successful and engaging years of providing Filipino families with the most affordable social health insurance, let us take a look at important numbers and figures that make PhilHealth meaningful to every Juan. Here is your PhilHealth today, in real numbers:

82M :
total number of beneficiaries (members and qualified dependents combined) as of September 2014, covering 82% of the entire Philippine population.

PhP81B :
total premium contributions collected as of Dec. 2014;

PhP78B :
total amount in benefits we paid to our members as of end- December 2014;

PhP35.3B :
the National Government’s subsidy for the enrolment of 14.7 families in the NHIP;

PhP117B :
worth of PhilHealth’s reserve funds as of Nov. 2014

26M+ :
number of employed members, both in government and private sectors

14.7M :
number of families in the Listahanan of the DSWD who are covered under the Indigent Program in 2014, with their annual premiums fully subsidized by the National Government through the Department of Health.

3.5M :
number of senior citizens enrolled as of December 31, 2014 under RA 10645 which mandates the automatic membership of senior citizens

33,327 :
number of accredited health care professionals as of end- December 2014

9,123 :
total number of our accredited collecting agents and tie-ups worldwide

6,407 :
personnel complement of PhiHealth nationwide as of January 2015

4,600+ :
number of medical and surgical cases now being paid for using case-based payment.

577 :
total number of Customer Assistance, Relations and Empowerment Staff or PhilHealth CARES deployed to various hospitals nationwide to assist and guide members as they avail of their benefits at point-of-care.

122 :
combined number of Regional Offices, Branches and Local Health Insurance Offices nationwide

30 :
average number of days as turnaround time for processing case-based claims

11 :
total number of Z Benefit Packages that are now available; includes Coronary Artery Bypass Graft, Tetralogy of Fallot, Ventricular Septal Defect, Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Cervical Cancer, End-Stage Renal Disease Requiring Kidney Transplantation, ZMORPH, Selected Orthopaedic Implants, and Peritoneal Dialysis

11 :
Seals of Excellence, ARTA and other recognitions received from the Civil Service Commission and other prestigious award-giving bodies

4 :
Number of recent laws enacted that impact significantly on the NHIP, namely, NHI Act of 2013, Kasambahay Law, RA 10645 and the Sin Tax Reform Act

(Emelita M. Retuta)

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