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Sharing Our Own PhilHealth Success Story in
LGU Lianga June 2, 2015

It was not so long ago when the Municipal Accountant’s Office of the Local Government Unit of Lianga, Surigao del Sur was almost burning both ends of the candle to address documentary requisites imposed by hospitals to all employees of the LGU who are PhilHealth Members.

Both the accounting office and member-employees were heavily burdened by the complex requisites that resulted to a less systematic and tedious practice of public service.

Issues like numerous documents that each member is required to submit so they can avail of the premium benefits and to free them from the financial encumbrances of shelling out hefty amounts of money to pay hospital bills, as well as the snail-paced procedure of accomplishing the multitude of requirements being asked of them to comply with, are just among the many reasons the old system was not acceptable. Worse, when these requirements are not completed, patients may be held longer in the hospital even if they are ready for check out.

With the advent of the Electronic Premium Remittance System (EPRS) in December 2011 and pilot-testing in our LGU in January 2012, many things have changed. Speed and convenience became the trademark of the system. Both the accounting office and the members were relieved from the inconvenience of the old school and began to appreciate the ease that this new system advocated.

The procedure is simplified, the number of papers is stripped down to only a few, and the time needed to comply with the requirements is reduced significantly that the hospital need not hold the patient as documents can almost instantly be produced for submission.

Today, PhilHealth members of our LGU no longer need to spend money to photocopy receipts of payments (M5) and the RF. They need not wait long while our accounting staff member is patiently scanning through their dusty files. Our office is also free from the hassle of scourging through the member files. There is no need to argue with impatient members as discrepancies in payment record and errors in member details have been eradicated, thus, allowing our office to improve its customer service. This system in itself is a picture of a total quality service management as everything is now put in order with the use of EPRS. By: LGU Lianga, Surigao del Sur

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Sharing Our Own PhilHealth Success Story in LGU Lianga