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Member Inquiry Facility Now Available March 4, 2015

MEMBERS of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) may now check on the accuracy of their member data records through a new facility in the government corporation’s website.

Launched on PhilHealth’s 20th Anniversary, the Member Inquiry facility can be found on the homepage of

To access their records, members must first register by following the standard steps indicated in the facility. Once the registration is completed, they can log in using their PhilHealth Identification Numbers and the password that will be sent to their email addresses.

The Member Inquiry facility allows members to verify the accuracy of the information reflected in their membership profiles such as name, date of birth, address, employer, names of dependents, and other pertinent personal details.

It also allows members to check on their posted premium contributions. “If they see that there are months or years without posted contributions, they should immediately check with their employers, or check on their personal files of official receipts of premium payments made, or better yet, call our Action Center at (02) 441-7442 to report any discrepancy in the information that they see on their profiles,” PhilHealth President and CEO Alexander A. Padilla said.

Members who need to update their PhilHealth profiles must fill out the PhilHealth Member Registration Form which can be downloaded from the website, and bring it to any of the nearest Local Health Insurance Office in their localities.

“This is our pro-active move to encourage our members to update their records with us. The facility is there to make it easy for them to fulfill their responsibility to make sure that their member records are up-to-date, and help ensure hassle-free availment of benefits,” Padilla said. (END)

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Member Inquiry Facility Now Available