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Sweet Child of Mine
December 13, 2013

James P. Quinto, five years old, was admitted at the Northern Mindanao Medical Center on October 3, 2013 for Dengue with Hemorrhagic Fever Type 1.

His father, Rhadney, told us about his son’s condition then, "Maayo naman siya, dili na kay taas ang iyang hilanat (He’s feeling better now, his fever’s gone down)." James’ mother is a card-carrying 4Ps member for two years already. Her husband and a family friend, Michelle Guillana, have been staying with James while she is working. It’s not an ideal situation for the Quintos. Even little James has been absent from class since his confinement.

While the accommodations are not what most patients would have wanted, Rhadney did not have any complaint about the medical staff. "Naay gasuroy kada adlaw, apil ang doctor (they do rounds every day, including the doctors)." He also said that the nurses did rounds in their ward at least twice a day, plus a visit from James’ attending doctor either early in the morning or middle of the afternoon. Sometimes more than one doctor checked in. They have also not purchased any medicines outside of the hospital, and save for the Complete Blood Count work-up for pre-diagnosis, they did not spend for a medical tests.

I asked James how he felt, having been in the hospital for quite some time. James was too shy to answer. He hid his face in his arms and turned to his father, who laughed. James’ fever had gone down and his chart showed marked improvement. According to Ms. Guillana, the doctor already informed the nurse’s station that they’re ready for discharge.

James was discharged on October 8, 2013 and his confinement was fully covered by PhilHealth's No Balance Billing policy. (END) (Daphne Anne P. Martinez/PRO X )

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