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NBB Sheds Hope for the Poor October 21, 2013

"Salamat sa Sponsor ko at sa PhilHealth, walang-wala ako pero naramdaman ko ang tulong noong naospital ang anak ko."

This was how Lilia Ar-royao expressed her delight when her youngest son, 6-month old Crispin was rescued from Pneumonia.

For two straight days, the frail body of Crispin kept Lilia praying for a miracle to happen. Aware of the exhorbitant cost of hospitalization and blinded by her neighbor’s negative thoughts on the expenses that might be incurred, bringing the boy to the hospital, at first, did not offer Lilian a relief from this agonizing situation.

Desperation sinking in, and recalling that she is a PhilHealth member, Lilia’s spouse, Mang Carlito, a 42 year old small-scale miner from Tuba, Benguet, went to the Camp 6 Explorers Small Scale Mining Association Inc. and sought for financial help. The Association reminded him that as a Sponsored Member, the No-Balance Billing (NBB) Scheme of PhilHealth will shield his family from this financial threat. They urged him to immediately send his son to the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center (BGHMC) to seek medical intervention.

On September 26, 2013, two days after the onset of Pneumonia, the Aroy-yao family heaved a sigh of relief and headed to the BGHMC. Upon admission, the patriarch notified the admitting clerk that he is a PhilHealth Sponsored member.

Crispin immediately admitted at the Pedriatic Ward and administration of medical needs was given to him. Into his fourth day, Crispin showed signs of improvement. On his 5th day of admission, the doctor announced that baby Crispin is cured and can already go home.

Enlightened about the “No-Balance Billing” of PhilHealth under the Case Rates Scheme where Sponsored Members confined in government hospitals need not shell out for hospitalization, Mr. Aroy-yao was assured that the P8,120.25 total bill would be entirely shouldered by PhilHealth. He was further informed that under the Case Rates, not only Pneumonia but several other medical and surgical conditions free Sponsored Members like him from having to pay for the hospitalization cost. He, however was ordered to buy a few medicines that Crispin must take, but were not available in the hospital. For this, he had to shell out P700. He was assured though that the amount would be reimbursed by PhilHealth.

Mr. Aroy-yao realized that his son should have not suffered had he realized immediately that as a PhilHealth member, preferential treatment is given especially to the poor.

"Ngayon, alam ko na ang gagawin ko kapag may nagkasakit sa pamilya. Dati, takot ako dahil sa mahal na pagpapa-ospital. Ngayon, alam kong kaagapay ko ang PhilHealth at hindi ko kailangang mag-alala". (END) – Magnolia Del Rosario, PRO CAR

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