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A Close Encounter with an NBB Patient October 21, 2013

Last week, I happened to visit my friend who was confined due to a certain disease in AmaiPakpak Medical Center (APMC) and needs medical attention. Afterwards, I visited the NBB ward to interview a PhilHealth member in order to determine APMC services in relation to NBB.

As a matter of courtesy, I asked permission from the hospital management to conduct the interview. Among the member patients interviewed was Nabila Abdul Razacfrom Pandi, a Ranao of Tugaya, Lanao del Sur, diagnosed to have type 2 diabetes mellitus as confirmed by hemoglucotest done, she also has dengue disease due to Hemoptysis and gum bleeding as confirmed by the result of her laboratory tests. She is a wife of Omar P. Utical who is a PhilHealth member.

This initiative was aimed at determining the degree of health services rendered to our indigent members by the said healthcare provider particularly in relation to NBB policy. In the course of interview, I asked the patient if she was aware about this policy and about the provision of prescribed medicines and she knew nothing about this new development. As I have seen her interest to learn more about the program, I decided to explain to her, on a casual conversation, the beauty of the Program. Happy and contented, the member extended her sincerest thanks to PhilHealth for the health program which caters to the marginalized sector of our society, saying that "Kung walang PhilHealth, hindi ko magagamit ang aking benepisyo at hindi ko rin mararanasan ang serbisyong hatid ng PhilHealth para sa tulad kong mahirap lamang lalo pa at madalas akong magkasakit at maospital. Malaking tulong talaga ang PhilHealth" she sighs. (END)

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