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PhilHealth to pay for hospitalization of 'Yolanda' Survivors December 4, 2013

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) announced yesterday that it shall pay for the hospitalization of all Super Typhoon Yolanda survivors who need medical or hospital care.

Alexander A. Padilla, PhilHealth President and CEO, announced that the state insurance firm will grant PhilHealth benefits to members and non-members alike who are confined or availed of PhilHealth covered medical services from any DOH licensed facility, even if the said facility is not accredited by PhilHealth.

"This new policy of PhilHealth is consistent with its mandate to provide responsive health care benefits to its members at all times, more so during a fortuitous event where help is needed the most", added the PhilHealth Chief.

PhilHealth Circular No. 34 s. 2013 (Guidelines on the provision of special privileges to those affected by a fortuitous event) covers PhilHealth claims of those affected by a fortuitous event that covers any of the following conditions: (1) members and non-members and their dependents; (2) accredited or non-accredited (must be DOH licensed or DOH certified) facilities; (3) accredited or non-accredited health care professionals duly licensed by the PRC; (4) Claims for treatment done as an outpatient or inpatient relative to the direct and indirect effects of the fortuitous event within the Health Care Institution or an improvised/satellite facility; and (5) transferred from or managed by health care personnel from accredited facilities in an evacuation area, or improvised health care facilities.

Padilla likewise assured Health Care Institutions who suffered lost or destroyed PhilHealth claim documents that are for submission to PhilHealth shall have the option to choose the mode of payment of such claims either through reconstruction of the destroyed claims or payment based on the average reimbursement per day counting from last filing date up to the date specified by the Corporation.

Moreover, the new policy of PhilHealth extend certain privileges like extension of filing up to 120 days, exemption from the 45 day limit and singe period of confinement, extension of payment of premium contributions or extension of coverage, reimbursement for both referring and receiving health care institution, exemption to the less than 24 hour confinement rule, priority in the processing of claims, extension of the deadline for submission of health care facility reports and extension of accreditation of providers, as applicable. (END)

Reference: RODOLFO DEL ROSARIO JR., OIC-Senior Manager, Corporate Communication Dept., 0922-6247197

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