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PhilHealth: Now showing in DLTB buses April 16, 2013

PhilHealth Regional Office (PRO) IVA recently launched its bus advertisement campaign starting with the Del Monte Land Transport Bus Company (DLTBCo) that has 250 bus units plying the Southern Tagalog and Visayas routes.

Mr. James Olayvar, General Manager of DLTBCo, has approved the partnership with PRO IVA Regional Vice President Alberto C. Manduriao to allow PhilHealth audio-visual materials to be featured/included initially with their 96 bus units plying the Manila to Lucena, Camarines Sur and Camarines Norte. The AV materials will be shown once along the bus route.

The partnership is expected to increase the awareness and knowledge of commuting public about the importance of financial protection against prohibitive hospitalization through PhilHealth.

PRO IVA is also set to conduct orientation seminars with DLTB drivers and conductors about their PhilHealth coverage. (END)

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