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Who are the Members in the Informal Economy?

Migrant Workers

- documented or undocumented Filipinos who are engaged in a remunerated activity in another country of which they are not citizens

Informal Sector

- includes among others, street hawkers, market vendors, pedicab and tricycle drivers, small construction workers, and home-based industries and services.

Self-Earning Individuals

- individuals who render services or sell goods as a means of livelihood outside of an employer-employee relationship or as a career. These include professional practitioners including but not limited to doctors, lawyers, engineers, artists, architects and the like, businessmen, entrepreneurs, actors, actresses and other performers, news correspondents, professional athletes, coaches, trainers, and such other individuals.

Filipinos With Dual Citizenship

- Filipinos who are also citizens of other countries.

Naturalized Filipino Citizens

- those who have become Filipino citizens through naturalization as governed by Commonwealth Act No. 473 or the Revised Naturalization Law.

Citizens of other countries working and/or residing in the Philippines

- foreign citizens with valid working permits and/or Alien Certificate of Registrations (ACRs), working and/or residing in the Philippines