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Who are the Formal Economy members?

• Government Employee

An employee of the government, who renders services in any of the government branches, military or police force, political subdivisions, agencies or instrumentalities, including government-owned and-controlled corporations, financial institutions with original charter, Constitutional Commissions, and is occupying either an elective or appointive position, regardless of status of appointment.

• Private Employee

i. Corporations, partnerships, or single proprietorships, NGOs, cooperatives, non-profit organizations, social, civic, or professional or charitable institutions, organized and based in the Philippines including those foreign owned;

ii. Foreign governments or international organizations with quasi-state status based in the Philippines which entered into an agreement with the Corporation to cover their Filipino employees in PhilHealth;

iii. Foreign business organizations based abroad with agreement with the Corporation to cover their Filipino employees in PhilHealth.

• All other workers rendering services, whether in government or private offices, such as project-based contractors, and the like
• Owners of Micro Enterprises
• Owners of Small, Medium and Large Enterprises
• Household Help

as defined in Republic Act 10361 or “Kasambahay Law”

• Family Drivers