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Who are qualified as dependents?

The following also enjoy PhilHealth coverage without additional premiums

  • Legitimate spouse who is not a member;
  • Child or children - legitimate, legitimated, acknowledged and illegitimate (as appearing in birth certificate) adopted or stepchild or stepchildren below 21 years of age, unmarried and unemployed.
  • Children who are twenty-one (21) years old or above but suffering from congenital disability, either physical or mental, or any disability acquired that renders them totally dependent on the member for support, as determined by the Corporation;
  • Foster child as defined in Republic Act 10165 otherwise known as the Foster Care Act of 2012;
  • Parents who are sixty (60) years old or above, not otherwise an enrolled member, whose monthly income is below an amount to be determined by PhilHealth in accordance with the guiding principles set forth in the NHI Act of 2013; and,
  • Parents with permanent disability regardless of age as determined by PhilHealth, that renders them totally dependent on the member for subsistence.

Qualified dependents shall be entitled to a separate coverage of up to 45 days per calendar year. However, the 45 days allowance shall be shared among them.


Qualified dependents must be declared by the principal member. Their names must be listed under the principal member's Member Data Record (MDR) to ensure hassle-free benefits availment