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employer registration

All government and private sector employers are required to register with PhilHealth to enable them to provide social health insurance coverage to their employees.

Private sector employers (including those of household helps) who have registered with the SSS prior to July 1, 1999 are automatically registered but are required to update their records with PhilHealth.

Procedures and requirements

government sector

Submit the following at any PhilHealth Office:

private sector

1. Submit the following at any PhilHealth Office:

  • Employer Data Record or ER1 Form (in duplicate)
  • Business permit/license to operate and/or any of the following:
Nature of Entity Additional Documents Required
Single proprietorships Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Registration
Partnerships and corporations Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration
Foundations and non-profit organizations Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration
Cooperatives Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) Registration
Backyard industries/ventures and micro-business enterprises Barangay Certification and/or Mayor's Permit

2. After processing, the employer will be issued the following:

  • PhilHealth Employer Number (PEN) and the Certificate of Registration
  • PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN) and Member Data Record (MDR) of registered employees

3. Employers are required to display the Certificate of Registration in conspicuous area of their offices.