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Special Benefit Packages

TB Treatment through DOTS Package

Treatment of new cases of pulmonary and extra-pulmonary tuberculosis in children and adults are covered through the Directly Observed Treatment Shortcourse or DOTS, the shortest and most effective internationally accepted treatment protocol for tuberculosis (TB).

Amount of Coverage Php 4,000
Services Diagnostic work-up, consultation services and anti-TB drugs required in an outpatient set-up
Providers Duly accredited TB-DOTS Centers (available in the Philippines only)
Eligibility New cases only, i.e., patient has never had treatment for TB or who has taken anti-TB drugs for less than one month.

Enrolment with TB-DOTS center falls within the validity period as stated in the Member Data Record.


  • Failure Cases - a patient who, on previous treatment, is sputum smear positive at five months or later during the course of treatment.
  • Relapse Cases - a patient previously treated for TB who has been declared cured or treatment completed, and is diagnosed with bacteriologically positive (smear or culture) TB.
  • Return-After-Default (RAD) Cases - a patient who returns to treatment with positive bacteriology (smear of culture) following interruption of treatment for two months or more.

Other conditions

Additional services rendered or extension of treatment shall not be covered.